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Cornelia Massage

Mindfulness is a core practice at Cornelia. We are intuitive and meet you where you are, in that particular moment. This approach nurtures greater awareness, clarity and the trust required to achieve a truly profound session.

Cornelia Signature Massage
Maximize healing by utilizing a variety of technique optimal for each area of the body. Experience an expert synergy of one or more technique from Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports, or Trigger Point massage. Consult with your therapist to choreograph a treatment custom tailored to the concerns of your body.
60/90 minutes

Ancient Reflexology
This ancient Chinese therapy, involves expert stimulation of reflex points in the feet that correlate to individual body organs. Activating these reflexes helps to stimulate these body organs to relieve areas of congestion. This technique reduces pain, increases relaxation, and encourages circulation of blood flow to rebalance and renew.
30/60 minutes

The Mothers Journey
We celebrate you as the Mother and the incredible journey you have chosen. From pre to post natal, we lend you the support that you need to care for yourself, as you care for your baby A relaxing, and pampering, treatment designed to ease the discomfort associated with pre and post pregnancy. This modified therapy, combined with a luxurious moisturizing treatment, is designed to improve circulation, ease muscle discomfort, calm the nervous system, increase positive energy, and promote easy, peaceful sleep.
60/90 minutes

Cornelia Couples Massage
Experience quality time together while enjoying customized, side by side Cornelia Signature Massages. This personal experience is perfect for couples wishing to share an extraordinary retreat together in total privacy.
60/90 minutes

Superior Couples Suite
Couples Massage with private Soak and Steam, Champagne Toast with private botanical tasting.
Enjoy the ultimate indulgence by reserving our luxury suite so your shared experience can linger even longer.
90/120+ minutes

Enhance your massage experience with these sensorial, specialized treatment optimizers:

Choose from our special selection of aromatherapy essential oils to add an additional scent profile to your customized treatment.

Scalp Treatment
Stimulate, calm, and energize your senses. This treatment targets dry hair and nourishes the scalp.

Lymphatic Drainage
A specialized technique delivers a gentle rhythmic, touch that increases the lymphatic flow and promotes a healthy immune system.

Bespoke Wellness Soaks
A therapeutic blend of sea salts and custom aromatherapy unite to create the ultimate hydration and detoxification experience. Rich in minerals and natural healing powers, this soak is tailored to your personal wellness needs. Complete with Lemon Ginger Elixir and private steam.
(Additional 30 minutes, upon availability)