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Facial Treatments

Facial Offerings

At Cornelia, we are inspired by the desire to keep your skin looking youthful and beautiful. We focus on your specific skin care concerns by incorporating optimal flexibility in customizing your facial. Every facial treatment finishes with a botanically-inspired tasting.

Customized, Ultra Cleansing and Anti-Aging
After a customized assessment, our botanical formulations are selected and proportioned exactly to your needs. A deep-pore cleansing with a natural enzymatic exfoliator is coupled with our exotic, line-softening Zen Ginseng Masque, a Cornelia Advanced Enhancer, to intensify skin renewal. A selection of anti-age and corrective serums layered with skin-specific moisturizing emulsions restores skin health and revives the vitality of your complexion. Enjoy an indulgent, arm and hand massage with rejuvenating plant extracts, softening fragrant essential oils and exotic herbs.
60 minutes/90 minutes

Deeply hydrating, plumping and firming
Seaweed & Sea mud “Laminara” provide powerful enzymatic exfoliation for a deep pore cleansing. An ultra-nutritive Caviar Masque is peeled back to reveal newly fed skin while your neck and décolleté are indulged with a deeply hydrating masque of revitalizing ocean botanicals. Purified marine collagen imparts a 'matrix' foundation for new, smooth skin. A double dose of patented Liquid Oxygen and an Oxygen Enrichment Masque, indulge skin with a rich infusion of ‘fresh breathable air’. Finished with cutting-edge science, a stem cell serum encourages new skin growth, revealing a refreshed face that is wonderfully dewy, taught and velvety.
90 minutes

Minimize fine lines and create an immediate natural radiance                                 

Deep pore cleansing with a papaya pumpkin masque resurfaces the skin, concentrated collagen tightens and firms, and a cooling masque promotes circulation, increasing elasticity and reducing fine lines. Application of the Lumina technology locks in all that “goodness" revealing lustrous skin primed for any occasion. The luxury continues as hands and arms are gently exfoliated and hydrated with our crushed pearl smoother and iridescent pearl body serum.
60 minutes/90 minutes

Skin brightening and lightening
Renew your skin with a specialized mask that reduces the hyper-pigmentation which contributes to the appearance of aging. A grape wine peel offers intensive natural resurfacing, Radiance serum brightens and diminishes sun damage, and vitamin C anti-radical treatment results in skin that is visibly more luminous, smoother and instantly refreshed. Finish with a Champagne Body Gloss to add a delicate luster to bare your skin in style. When performed in a series, this facial will diminish dark spots to combat uneven skin tone.
60 minutes/90 minutes

Calm, quiet, and restore delicate, fine skin
A deep, gentle cleansing and mild exfoliation initiates the process. Skin is indulged with formulations blended with vitamins, anti-oxidants, plant-driven proteins and botanicals that firm, tone, neutralize and soothe the skin. An opulent masque of Asian botanicals de-stress, soften and relax the facial tension that contributes to the development of lines and wrinkles. Enveloped in a Sensitive Skin Recovery Balm, with cellular renewal properties, your skin will experience a transformative recovery to a state of serenity, looking more even-toned and healthy.
60 minutes/90 minutes

Decrease acne breakouts, reduce oil production and normalize skin
Our specialized problem skin treatment utilizes a cooling, algae- based, anti-congestive masque. Tea-tree oil, Grapefruit and Witch Hazel formulations absorb excess facial oil, help clear acne, and infuse moisture where dermal tissues thirst for replenishment. Our oxygen-rich, blemish clearing serum continues the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory fight to win back dewy, radiant and clarified skin.
60 minutes/90 minutes

Deep cleansing, moisturizing, and re-energizing
Cleanse and exfoliate with botanical formulations that eliminate impurities, resurface, and smooth the texture of your skin. Vitamin E enriched emulsion combats the effects of shaving, and restores a more toned complexion. A specialized masque relaxes stressed, tired skin. Reveal a younger, more refreshed face. Your treatment rounds out with Cornelia's botanical tasting and beverage.
60 minutes/90 minutes