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Cornelia Spa

Cornelia Spa is an intimate, luxuriously-appointed Manhattan spa within The Surrey. Its warm, near-silent atmosphere makes it a veritable oasis from the urban sprawl of the city. Within its private suites, specialists personalize treatments based on your unique needs—alongside thoughtful sensory touches, an amuse-bouche tasting, and time to decompress in a hushed library of luxury publications.

For reservations, please call 646.358.3600.

Spa Treatments

Customization is a core concept of Cornelia Spa, where we appreciate and celebrate your uniqueness. Each person’s skin and body is affected differently by age, diet, emotional dynamics, and exposure to the environment, creating a distinct essence. That essence is constantly changing, constantly evolving. Cornelia master therapists, together with you, meticulously custom tailor each service to reflect and connect with the most subtle aspects of how you look and feel in the moment. Time-honored remedies are blended with exotic botanicals and proven scientific innovations. We are dedicated to delivering carefully crafted, results-driven spa treatments, enhanced with elegant sensory touches.

Facial Treatments

We focus on your specific skincare concerns by customizing your facial to keep skin looking youthful and beautiful. Every treatment concludes with a botanical-inspired tasting and a glass of bubbly.


Mindfulness is a core practice at Cornelia. We are intuitive and meet you where you are—an approach that nurtures awareness, clarity and trust for a truly profound session.

Body Treatments

A blend of pampering and healing, these treatments soothe, stimulate, and recharge your body. Afterward, reawaken the senses with aromatherapy.

Manicure & Pedicure
Waxing & Shaping

Please direct all inquires to [email protected]

Facial Treatments

At Cornelia, we are inspired by the desire to keep your skin looking youthful and beautiful. We focus on your specific skin care concerns by incorporating optimal flexibility in customizing your facial. Every facial treatment finishes with a botanically-inspired tasting.


After a customized assessment, our botanical formulations are selected and proportioned exactly to your needs. A deep-pore cleansing with a natural enzymatic exfoliator is coupled with our exotic, line-softening Zen Ginseng Masque, a Cornelia Advanced Enhancer, to intensify skin renewal. A selection of anti-age and corrective serums layered with skin-specific moisturizing emulsions restores skin health and revives the vitality of your complexion. Enjoy an indulgent, arm and hand massage with rejuvenating plant extracts, softening fragrant essential oils and exotic herbs.

60 minutes/90 minutes



Seaweed & Sea mud “Laminara” provide powerful enzymatic exfoliation for a deep pore cleansing. An ultra-nutritive Caviar Masque is peeled back to reveal newly fed skin while your neck and décolleté are indulged with a deeply hydrating masque of revitalizing ocean botanicals. Purified marine collagen imparts a ‘matrix’ foundation for new, smooth skin. A double dose of patented Liquid Oxygen and an Oxygen Enrichment Masque, indulge skin with a rich infusion of ‘fresh breathable air’. Finished with cutting-edge science, a stem cell serum encourages new skin growth, revealing a refreshed face that is wonderfully dewy, taught and velvety.

90 minutes



Renew your skin with a specialized mask that reduces the hyper-pigmentation that contributes to the appearance of aging. A grape wine peel offers intensive natural resurfacing, specialized Radiance serum brightens and diminishes sun damage, and vitamin C anti-radical treatment results in skin that is visibly more luminous, smoother and instantly refreshed. Finish with a Champagne Body Gloss to add a delicate luster to bare your skin in style.

60 minutes



A deep, gentle cleansing and mild exfoliation initiates the process. Skin is indulged with formulations blended with vitamins, anti-oxidants, plant-driven proteins and botanicals that firm, tone, neutralize and soothe the skin. An opulent masque of Asian botanicals de-stress, soften and relax the facial tension that contributes to the development of lines and wrinkles. Enveloped in a Sensitive Skin Recovery Balm, with cellular renewal properties, your skin will experience a transformative recovery to a state of serenity, looking more even-toned and healthy.

60 minutes/90 minutes



Our specialized problem skin treatment utilizes a cooling, algae- based, anti-congestive masque. Tea-tree oil, Grapefruit and Witch Hazel formulations absorb excess facial oil, help clear acne, and infuse moisture where dermal tissues thirst for replenishment. Our oxygen-rich, blemish clearing serum continues the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory fight to win back dewy, radiant and clarified skin.

60 minutes



Cleanse and exfoliate with botanical formulations that eliminate impurities, resurface, and smooth the texture of your skin. Vitamin E enriched emulsion combats the effects of shaving, and restores a more toned complexion. A specialized masque relaxes stressed, tired skin. Reveal a younger, more refreshed face. Your treatment rounds out with Cornelia’s botanical tasting and beverage.

60 minutes/90 minutes.


Cornelia Massage

Mindfulness is a core practice at Cornelia. We are intuitive and meet you where you are, in that particular moment. This approach nurtures greater awareness, clarity and the trust required to achieve a truly profound session.


Maximize healing by utilizing a variety of therapeutic techniques optimal for each area of the body. Experience the synergy from our expert therapists that use one more therapies from Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports, or Trigger Point massage disciplines. Working with your therapist you will choreograph a treatment custom tailored to the concerns of your body.

60/90 minutes



This ancient Chinese therapy, involves expert stimulation of reflex points in the feet that correlate to individual body organs.  Activating these reflexes helps to stimulate these body organs to relieve areas of congestion.  This technique reduces pain, increases relaxation, and encourages circulation of blood flow and lymphatic fluids to rebalance and renew one ’s self both physiologically and psychologically.  This time-honored technique is particularly beneficial in conditions of emotional or stress-related illness.

30 minutes



A relaxing, pampering, and nurturing treatment designed to ease the discomfort associated with your second and third trimesters of pregnancy.  This modified therapy combined with a luxurious moisturizing treatment and foot exfoliation is designed to improve circulation, ease muscle discomfort such as backaches, leg cramps, and sore feet, calm the nervous system, increase positive energy, and promote easy, peaceful sleep for you and your baby.

60 minutes



This Cornelia ‘Classic’ envelops you in a blend of finely ground mineral-rich French Sea Salts, aromatic essences of the world’s finest artisanal honey, fragrant Citrus and premium massage oils.   This rare treat refines and nourishes every inch of you unveiling flawless, younger-looking skin.  Paired with a soothing, light application of hydrating emulsion to leave your body velvety smooth, radiant, and deeply moisturized.

60 minutes



Luxuriate in Mother of Pearl Powder as it gently removes cellular build-up to reveal satiny skin that is polished and soft.  Followed with a warm Iridescent Champagne Body Oil to hydrate, silken, and add a natural sparkle to your body contours.

 60 minutes



Firm, slim and detoxify. A detoxification ritual designed to maximize physical & mental health. Begin with a luxurious cleansing to prepare your body to fully absorb the ingredients of our detoxifying wrap. Exfoliation with French Sea Salts and Honey is followed by an application of soothing seaweed concentrates. Then step into a lavish soak of warm waters infused with an anti-oxidant salt blend. Stretch back out to enjoy a warm lemon and mint nutrient-rich finishing crème that revives the skin’s tone and elasticity.

120 minutes


Manicure & Pedicure Treatments


Begin with a skin-renewing botanical soak. Nails are carefully groomed with gentle exfoliation and a moisturizing hand and arm massage. Finish with a meticulous polish application.

30 minutes



Anti-aging magic for your hands. A gentle exfoliating with crushed pearls resurfaces and hydrates your skin. A warm soak  of natural teas infused with Sea Salts, Lavender, Linden flowers and Chamomile nourishes the skin and nails. Finish with a luxurious massage of silky Iridescent Pearl Oil followed by a flawless manicure and polish.

60 minutes



Relax and rejuvenate tied legs and feet. Exfoliation smoothes the skin and promotes circulation as toes are impeccably manicured and finished with a meticulous polish application.

45 minutes



Renew and resurface the skin with our Champagne Sugar Glow exfoliation. A warm foot bath of healing herbal tea extracts is perfect antidote to the stress of achy feet. Plant- based stem cell soothing leg massage of Champagne Shimmer Oil, and flawless grooming and polish.

60 minutes




Enjoy the ultimate indulgence in our luxury suite with our Superior Couples Experience. Bask in our Bespoke Wellness Soak and steam shower, paired with a toast of Champagne and private botanical tastings, followed by our Signature Couples Massage, tailored to your specific body needs.

90/120 minutes




Step into our luxurious tub, where warm towel infused with ginger essential oil awaits you on a silver tray. Submerge in a medley of moisturizing and skin calming marine milk blended with herbal tea, inhale the essence of ginger as you rest the compress against your forehead, neck and wrists. Relaxed in body and mind, you are perfectly primed to absorb the benefits of a customized, tension-reducing massage.

90 minutes

$280 per person


Be swept away by this extraordinary head to toe replenishment. Your feet are treated to a soothing, aromatic, soak to increase circulation and detoxify. As you relax, nibble on an orange fruit skewer flavored with a savory drizzle. Stretch out and enjoy the buffing ritual of our Honey Citrus Polish followed by a Signature Massage, enhanced with therapeutic essential oils.

2 hours

$350 per person

Spa Policies


So you can fully enjoy your spa experience, please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before your first scheduled treatment.

Reservations & Cancellations

If you are not a registered guest of The Surrey, a credit card number is required to guarantee your reservation. We require 24 hours notice to cancel any appointment. Any cancellations made after this period will be charged in full.


A safe is available in your treatment salon for your valuables. We regret that we cannot be held responsible for personal items.

Health Conditions

Please advise us of any health conditions, allergies or injuries that could affect your service when making your spa reservation.


Please help us to maintain the serenity of the spa by silencing all electronic devices and respecting all guests’ rights to privacy.


For your convenience, a 20% gratuity will be added to all services.

In-Room Services

Most spa services are available in the privacy of your guest room

The Spa is available for private, fully customizable events.

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