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Manhattan Luxury Spa - CORNELIA SPA

Retreat from the city for a moment of healing, aromatic softness. Reviewed by Vanity Fair as “a place to write home about,” Cornelia Spa is an intimate pied-a-terre-style luxury Manhattan spa within The Surrey. Its warm, near-silent atmosphere makes it a veritable oasis from the urban sprawl of NYC.

In private suites, specialists personalize treatments based on your unique needs—alongside thoughtful sensory touches, an amuse-bouche tasting, and time to decompress in a hushed library of luxury publications.

Cornelia Spa at The Surrey maintains an ongoing list of specials and spa packages so you can arrange your perfect spa experience. Each offers restorative touchpoints throughout, and to optimize relaxation, begin with a soothing rosepetal foot bath, a bit of aromatherapy to lift away stress, and a signature massage or facial. 

As the body is a temple and soothing oneself is nearly spiritual, take advantage of the opportunity to experience bliss mere steps from your salon or suite. Come for an hour, stay the afternoon, rest at our luxury spa in Manhattan and emerge reenergized.

Appointments for treatments can be reserved by calling the hotel at 646.358.3600 or email us at