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Skincare Tips for Fall in NYC

Skincare Tips for Fall in NYC

Dr. Doris Day, of Day Dermatology and Aesthetics provides some very helpful tips on how to keep your skin beautiful when visiting New York City this fall. 

With the seasons changing and the transition from summer to fall beginning, most people do not realize how damaging it can be for our skin. This is most often the first thing overlooked, which can affect us in the long run. We Recently reached out to New York City based dermatologist, Dr. Doris Day of Day Dermatology and Aesthetics who provided some very helpful skin care tips and regimens to make sure our skin stays refreshed and glowing those New York fall days. 

As Dr. Day mentioned,

“Decreased temperatures mean a drop-in humidity levels, taking moisture out of the air and out of skin. While staples like a healthy diet and regular hydration are crucial for healthy skin, making a few changes and adopting a handful of new habits can help manage the discomfort of Dry Skin Season and keeps skin feeling silky smooth year-round.

The fall is also harvest season with the best of the best high anti-oxidant fruits and vegetables in their peak. My favorites are cranberries, blueberries, pumpkin, pomegranate, squash of all different varieties, tomatoes and cucumbers. These foods will help nurture your skin and keep it looking its youngest most beautiful best.”

Here are additional skin care tips Dr. Day included for managing dry winter skin… 

  1. Moisturize hands every time after washing.
  2. Trade in traditional hand sanitizer for a combination sanitizer that contains moisturizer or lotion.
  3. Swap regular lotion for a thicker cream to penetrate rough, dry skin on feet.
  4. Reduce the frequency of facial peels and masks.
  5. Avoid irritants often found in everyday products by selecting fragrance-free or dye-free options. 
  6. Wear clothing made from soft fabrics, such as cotton or skin. Avoid abrasive or irritating fabrics like wool or polyester.  
  7. Use a humidifier in the bedroom or living room once the relative humidity inside drops below 60 percent. 
  8. Hot showers may be irresistible but keep them short: The cold temperatures may make a long, hot bath or shower sound like heaven, but hot water can wreak havoc on your skin. Instead take lukewarm showers, patting gently afterward with a towel and applying a moisturizer within three minutes of stepping out of the shower to lock in moisture.

“If stubborn dry skin is causing extreme discomfort, seek out professional advice. A dermatologist can analyze skin type and create a customized skin care routine. In certain cases, extremely dry skin can be an indicator of a larger issue. Certain medical conditions, like diabetes or an underactive thyroid, or skin conditions, like eczema or psoriasis, may result in dried out skin and the cold, dry air of Dry Skin Season can further exacerbate discomfort. Work with a health care professional to determine a more specified treatment plan.” Dr. Day 

To learn more about skin care tips or if you want to make an appointment with Dr. Day, please visit her online at

If you are looking for a more specific, fast effective skin care treatment to rejuvenate your skin for fall, head on over to The Cornelia Spa at The Surrey Hotel in New York City. Make sure to ask for Desiree Miranda, the Spa Director to help choose which treatment is best for your skin!

Below are two treatments, Desiree has recommended that are perfect for protecting your skin in the fall.

The Cornelia Spa at The Surrey Hotel

The Reparative Caviar & Oxygen Quench Facial

Seaweed & Sea Mud “Laminara” provide powerful enzymatic exfoliation for a deep pore cleansing. An ultra-nutritive Caviar Masque is peeled back to reveal newly fed skin while your neck and decollete are indulged with a deeply hydrating masque of revitalizing ocean botanicals. 

The Vino-Therapy Facial

Renew your skin with a specialized mask that reduces the hyper-pigmentation that contributes to the appearance of aging. A grape wine peel offers intensive natural resurfacing, specialized Radiance Serum brightens and diminishes sun damage, and vitamin C anti-radical treatment results in skin that is visibly more luminous. 

Please visit for more information. 

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