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Fashioning Desire

Once again, The Surrey’s Art Expert in Residence Natasha Schlesinger, founder of ArtMuse, has curated an exquisite art installation for our guests. Her latest in-house exhibit features the work of contemporary Los Angeles-based artist Desire Obtain Cherish and his famous Meltdown sculptures. Widely celebrated throughout the art world, these provocative sculptures of oversized melting lollipops bring a playful cheer on first glance, before inviting a deeper engagement and conversation with the viewer as they tap into our human quest for love.

DOC (alias Jonathan Paul) emerged as an Los Angeles street artist in the early 2000s and quickly rose to prominence as a conceptual master working across a wide variety of mediums. His impeccably produced pieces are known for their luscious colors, entertaining approach, and satirical messages which comment on contemporary society. Expertly combining elements of street, pop, conceptual and appropriation art, DOC has been the solo artist featured in many prestigious shows spanning the globe, winning critical acclaim among the most influential collectors in addition to the art-going public. As the acclaimed New Yorker art critic Benjamin Genocchio wrote: “DOC is our social conscience, delivering up uncomfortable and unpleasant truths wrapped in the most beautiful and seductive of packages.”

Featured throughout both the public and private spaces of the hotel, DOC’s exciting Meltdown sculptures create a visual treat and stunning backdrop for guests of The Surrey. In conjunction with this pop-up art show, our legendary mixologist Darryl Chan has crafted an ideally seasonal cocktail menu at Bar Pleiades, inspired entirely by DOC’s Meltdown series.

The Surrey, alongside Saks Fifth Avenue at Brookfield Place, is proud to be one of the two exclusive venues to exhibit Desire Obtain Cherish’s Meltdown sculptures in New York City this holiday season. We invite you to visit the hotel and partake in this unique opportunity to surround yourself with these fabulous works of art.

DOC is represented by UNIX Gallery
532 West 24th Street, NYC

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