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Wonjung Choi, Fish + Feather

The Fish and Feather Series was inspired by Choi's relocation from Korea to the United States which left her with many feelings of uncertainty. As the artist looked for something to anchor her emotions her thoughts became centered on fossils.

Choi saw the shared skeletal structures between the two forms as a metaphor. While these fossils are from different worlds, they shared a common thread.

Wonjung Choi believes that despite the vast differences in culture, society and language, the common denominator of all human beings is the body. The Korean born multi media artist spends her time between Virginia, New York and Korea. Wonjung Choi's most recognizable works are created from hot glue gun and plexi sheets forming a magical fish and feather mobile installation.

Wonjung Choi, Fish + Feather, 2016
Plexi, Hot Glue and Fishing Line
Dimensions vary
Represented by Voltz Clarke Gallery