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Asia Week 2016 at The Surrey

Welcome to Asia Week New York The immersion begins here. As the official sponsor of Asia Week 2016, The Surrey takes a bow to Asian art with a contemporary exhibition curated for the hotel by ArtMuse and founder, Natasha Schlesinger our Art Expert in residence.

For the duration of Asia Week, our lobby will present a visual feast of works by artists from Asia, as well as those of Asian background. Our focus is on the “poetic landscape,” a theme indigent in many works of Chinese, Japanese and Korean art. Below is a list of our curated selections, all echoing traditional Asian subject matters, in a contemporary light. What they share is a connection to —and awe of— the mysteries and vast magnitude of nature. A transformative subject in which one can both lose and find themselves.

Select pieces may be for sale, we are more than happy to contact a gallery on your behalf.