Surrey Signature Hands and Feet Body Treatment60mins
Emerge rested, yet refreshed. Hands and feet are nurtured with hot towels, scrubs, masks and massage, instilling a sense of peace and balance. Treatments are customized with Darphin and Li’tya products.


Black Pepper Slim and Detox90mins

Feel smooth, slim and light as air from an energizing oil massage followed by an exquisitely warm seaweed wrap.

Orange Energizing Exfoliating Polish60mins

Feel silky. Feel smooth. Feel a surge of vitality. A special two-in-one treatment deeply exfoliates, removing dead skin cells and impurities.


Mala Mayi90/120 mins

Unwind, invigorate, and celebrate with this complete body rejuvenation experience. After an Australian Desert Salt and Aromatic Oil scrub, drift away with a scalp massage while your body is cocooned in a layer of warm, mineral-rich Mapi Body Mud. Followed by a heavenly Kodo body massage.


Glide into a dream-like realm. Embracing traditional Aboriginal healing techniques, this blissful ritual includes a Miji Jina foot treatment, Mala Mayi body wrap, Kodo body massage, Paudi head massage, facial treatment and Miji Polama hand treatment.

Kodo Massage60mins

Be uplifted. This unique technique, inspired by traditional Australian Aboriginal techniques, helps to re-align the body’s energy using a combination of pressure-point therapy and rhythmical spiraling movements.


Our treatment manicures and pedicures are customized and seasonal.

Grooming Manicures and Pedicures
This detailed cleaning, shaping and nourishment of the nails, complete with a soothing massage, is topped off with a perfect polish application.

Treatment Manicures and Pedicures
A personalized service using our Darphin and Li’tya spa products includes scrubs, masks and massage, topped off with a perfect polish application.


Impeccable waxing is available in our spa by our talented estheticians.

The Surrey Spa